I am not talking about clients here and the current churn of your agency.

I am sure that it hums along fine.

The earning machine.

I am talking about future days.

And hiring.  Hiring is often put on the back burner at agencies as they try to deal with their overloaded days.

“I am swamped,” is a badge of honor these days.

A better one would be “Nice to have the time to think.”

So here are some benefits of putting your agency first.

New People.

New Energy.

New Languages.

New Shades of People.

New Knowledge.

New Experiences.

New Countries.

New Ideas.

New Technology.

New Connections.

New Skills.

New Networks.

New Restaurants.

New Expertise.

New Clothes.

New Friends.

The latter can be the most important.  Relationships of richness that can last for years.  It has for me.

So is your agency doing what is most important for today or tomorrow?

What do you think will create your future churn?