Who Is Hank Blank?

Hank Blank has two kids that live with him. Both are available for Adoption. Hank has run six Marathons but doesn’t know why. He comes from a long line of nomads. His Brother was born in Warsaw Poland. His Sister in Beirut Lebanon and he was born in Toronto Canada. He truly believes what Marshall McLuhan said many years ago. “The world is a Global Village.”

What Does Hank Do?

I’m employed by my network. I’m a connector and provide my clients with a broad range of solutions from finding a new agency or digital resource, sourcing talent or helping agencies connect with clients. I’m extremely well resourced globally because of the breadth and depth of my network.

What’s Hank’s Experience?

I’m Canadian. My first advertising job out of school  was working on the McDonald’s Restaurant account in Toronto. I probably couldn’t get that job today. McDonald’s Canada had the highest store volumes in the world at that time. I then joined JWT in Toronto. JWT Toronto was the largest agency in Canada. I worked on Burger King first and then a variety of packaged goods accounts like Mitchum Thayer, SC Johnson, Warner Lambert, Canadian branches of Campbell’s Soups and Labatt’s Beer. I then got transferred to JWT Chicago where I worked in the Hancock Center. JWT Chicago opened in 1891. When I worked there the Chicago Office had 700 employees.  Real Mad Men. That office closed in the Great Recession.

I then moved to Ann Arbor and ran the National Domino’s Pizza Account. The budget was $50 Million and I had over a dozen reports.

When I was a student in college in Canada I visited Laguna Beach and said I want to live here, so after Domino’s I joined an agency in Orange County called Townsend & O’Leary. It had 18 employees. I became Executive Vice President and Partner and helped build the agency to 60 plus employees.

I then joined an agency called Marshall as Director of New Business. The agency had not won any New Business. I helped the agency diversify it’s client base by acquiring a number of prominent accounts.

In 2004 I started Blank and Associates.

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