Agency Reviews

Why Hank Blank?

As an agency review consultant, I have conducted successful advertising agency searches for a variety of companies including Jenny Craig, Jacuzzi, Raley’s Supermarkets, Pentel of America, Syneron-Candela, The Irvine Company, Villeroy & Boch, Les Schwab Tire Dealers, Toyo Tires, and CorVel.

Most clients and advertising agencies will agree that that the agency review process can be flawed.  That is because the majority of them are conducted by clients.  Many of the individuals conducting the review have had little experience managing an advertising review so the results can often be a lose-lose for both the client and the agencies involved.

Clients don’t have the skill set, nor the network, nor the time to successfully conduct an agency search.

I will manage the agency selection process from beginning to end leaving you to choose from a number of well screened and prepared agencies.


Over 30+ years of relevant senior Client and Agency industry experience and have conducted numerous searches for advertising, digital and public relations agencies in a variety of verticals across the country.


As I consultant I do have to maintain an office or staff so I have less overhead.  I do not need a marble office in LA to impress prospects. My process and my results impress clients.


I have spoken on Agency Reviews and New Business to Advertising and Marketing groups across the county.  In addition, I have written many blogs and have an extensive library of videos on the subject of agency reviews.


Every client’s needs are different.  I don’t have a list of preferred agencies that I use.  I have no vested interest in any of my searches.  I work for marketers, not agencies.  I begin each search with a blank sheet of paper and extensively search for agencies that match the client’s experience needs and scope of work.  I keep the process simple and streamlined for the agencies involved.  I don’t push massive RFP’s that agencies dread.

My Network

I have an extremely large network that allows me to find both established and emerging advertising, interactive and public relations agencies.  This referral network helps me identify a variety of possible partners.  The advertising business is one of hyperbole.  My network helps me undercover the strengths and potential weaknesses of possible advertising agency partners.

Save You Time

Agency Reviews can be very time-consuming.  I manage the entire process from the initial client briefing to the development of the RFP to the agency outreach and coordination of all responses and meetings and follow up.

My Differentiators


I know that you have many choices when it comes to who you partner with, and I know that the same holds true for top agencies. Rather than just claiming that I’m different, I actually work differently from any other Agency Review Consultant.


  • I operate with a one-on-one approach, meaning that you won’t have to worry about speaking with someone new every time you give me a call. This saves time for you and ensures that I don’t miss a single detail.
  • I have over 30+ years of advertising experience and have built a network both wide and deep. This gives you total access to the best agencies partners out there — I take the time to uncover those difficult-to-find agencies that you expect when partnering with a firm!
  • It’s not my goal to push RFP’s. I guarantee that every agency presented to you has been personally interviewed and assessed for your specific goals and projects. I strive for quality above all else.