I have shared a lot of content about the New Business process including How Much Is a New Business Person Worth in the New Normal?

Effective Agency New Business people are very hard to find.

The position is very challenging because everybody wants quick results.

Moving to a new digital shop is a lot harder than in the Old Normal. Transitioning a website is a lot more complicated than sending over a TV or radio spot.

I had breakfast with an agency owner the other day and the talk moved to New Business people.  They are a unique breed they shared. It is tough to find a New Person.  A really good one is rare.

All true.

I know the space as I have been a New Business person for most of my working life.

I did it when I worked as an employee in the agency world.

Working for myself is totally about being a New Business person.  You have to hunt all the time.

So what is the kiss of death for New Business people?

When they end up working on the accounts that they have won.

Easy to do.

They have established the relationship to bring the new client into the house.

You don’t want to upset the momentum.

A safe short term strategy but a long term loss.

New Business people can’t be two things.

They can’t manage business and hunt business because people aren’t scalable.

Your New Business efforts will suffer.

Criticism may follow.

Criticism is the worst thing to bestow upon a New Business Person.  It is like throwing water on a cat.

So here are some suggestions on how to avoid this dilemma.

When you pitch make sure your New Business person is vocal in the first meeting and then backs off.

Make sure the person that is going to run the business on a day to day basis fills that verbal void with their presence.

When you land the business make sure your New Business Person transitions quickly off the account.

Yes is it scary but hopefully your agency hasn’t won the business for one person.  If it did then you are very vulnerable to losing that account.

Keep your New Business Person focused on what they do best and that is New Business.