I help companies strengthen their marketing teams and their agency relationships.

Strong teams and strong agency relationships are the key to Managers keeping their jobs.

Even though the press says that unemployment is the lowest it has been in 50 years you don’t have to go very far to find networking groups with plenty of talented people looking for jobs.

Company spin offs or acquisitions that are good for Wall Street often don’t have good results on your street.

I have conducted agency searches where the clients who were there at the beginning weren’t there soon after the end of the review.

Then there are the unhappily employed.  Plenty of those.

People don’t leave companies.  They leave bad bosses and there are plenty of those.

Some took jobs where the commutes soon became too long and the hope they had in their new opportunity quickly vanished.

And then there is the money.

When I recruit today I often reflect on the salary levels.  My mind says wow I made salary when I did that job 15 years ago.  It is almost if salaries were frozen in time during the recession and the ice isn’t melting.

I don’t know about you but my cost of living in Orange County has gone up quite a bit in the last decade.  Ever try to rent an apartment these days?

So here are some simple but important tips to help get you that next job you want.  Most of them revolve around accessibility. Critical in New Business and critical in Job Hunting.

Start by putting your cell number in your email signature. So simple.  You would be surprised how many people don’t include it.  Even probably you.

Make it easy.  I have a great job for you.  I can see you on LinkedIn but we aren’t connected.  I send you an invite but you don’t check LinkedIn that often these days.  Big mistake.

Make sure that your LinkedIn messages go into your email feed.

Put your personal email and cell phone number on your LinkedIn profile.  Yes for all the world to see even if they aren’t connected with you. You want that better job don’t you?

You have to work harder. When I connect with people and send them the job opportunity with the details of what I am looking for some folks just send me their resume.  You need to put more sweat equity into it.  How does your experience fit the job spec?  You want a stranger to figure that out for you.

Sorry but throwing your stuff out there is not a sure fire career practice these day.

I need a cover letter with bullet points on why you are perfect for the position.

More to Come.