I am not a big believer in cold calling.

My cell phone rings constantly with robo calls on a daily basis.

If I don’t know the number I never answer.

Some agencies continue to believe in cold calling.

I have run into many firms over time who actually cold called for agencies to set up appointments.

I think there were many of them in the UK but I am not sure they are still around.

I have walked in a number of agencies where I see their New Business person with their headphones on.

I hear their voice as the leave a message with their company spiel.

I ask the agency owners if it works for them.

Their faces light up with the answer even before they say a word.

Yes we got a lead the other day.

I have learned from my life journey that a wisp of validation be it a rabbit hole or an opportunity confirms we are on the right path.

I had a coffee the other day with a heavy hitter Marketing leader.

Works on a National brand with large agencies.

The type of client every agency would like to have.

The type of client that is so busy that although we are friends it is tough to schedule a coffee or lunch because her schedule is jammed packed.

Do you ever answer your phone I asked?

Yes she said to my surprise.

Not often she said but when I am in my office and have a moment and the phone rings I pick it up.

So you talk to the person calling you I ask.  Yes she said.

And what do you find?

They aren’t ready to talk to me.  They aren’t prepared.

I still don’t believe in cold calling but if you want to do it you better be prepared for somebody on the telephone line.