It may have worked in the Old Normal when there were more people that wanted jobs than there were jobs.

Not so much today.

In my world I meet with agency owners and clients and digital agencies and social media agencies and PR firms and ask them what the biggest challenge you have i?


Happened today at agency meetings at 9 AM and 2 PM.

“You get my drift?

Apply on company website is largely the preferred response method chosen by companies today.

Why not it is easy to do.

It doesn’t take much effort for the person who posted it but it is a lot of effort for the people who try to apply.  The fields don’t sync for their resumes and you have to spend an hour making it happen.

One of the biggest laments I have heard at many Starbucks coffees is about the frustrations of applying on company websites.

“I won’t do it anymore they said with the voice of resentment. “Look how few of the fields don’t match my accomplishments.”

“No one responds.  It is a BLACK HOLE of wasted time.”

“There is no field to showcase how I was on the stage on the National Sales meeting three times and I was in President’s Club.”

Wouldn’t that be important to the CEO of the person who posted the Linkedin ad?

“I have done it a 100 times and it just doesn’t work. I have never had a response back from the company but I have told many people that it is a waste of time and that the company sucks.”

“I am just going back to networking.”

I quote the reality of smart voices.

These are highly qualified people with great resumes and talent and may have stepped on the wrong tile in the New Normal but will land.

Many have walked the steps to get on the stage of President Club and get a trophy.

They also are well educated and have a strong voice.

Many of them make some money than the person who implemented the apply on company website response vehicle.

Let me ask you a question?

In these days of no time would talented people spend an hour for each job applying on line?

Zero chance.

Today even Jesus couldn’t get a job going through the eye of the needle of apply on company website.

No company leaders have had to go through the process and thy unfortunately will miss out on the best talent and will have to tell that to their shareholders one day.

They have high touch High technology but low touch for people or else they would not find people this way.

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