Hank Blank Provides Clients With Better, More Effective Marketing Solutions By Leveraging His Knowledge & Network.



Hello! My Name Is Hank Blank.

I’m a connector.

It comes from my nature and the fact that I am very well networked.

Need a new agency?

I can connect you.

Need talent?

I can connect you.

Need New Business?

I can connect you.

Need Digital Development and Programming?

I can connect you to local firms in OC or to firms in Europe and South America.


Agency Reviews

Clients do not have the skill set, nor the network, nor the time to successfully conduct an agency review. Hank Blank can help you manage and navigate the process.

Digital Solutions

Need Digital Help? My network can help you upgrade your website, help you with lead generation, website maintenance, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and Programming.

New Business

Business Slow? I can help you develop a successful New Business program that actually brings in new clients and work for your business or agency for years to come.

Staffing Solutions

Hank Blank successfully places talented people at many companies and agencies on a regular basis. These talented people continue to work there for multiple years.



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“I recently hired Hank to work as a consultant for Jacuzzi to assist us through an advertising agency review. I was extremely pleased with both the end decision that he worked with us to achieve and the process that he helped to facilitate. He ensured that we were able to look at each potential agency to find the qualities that were most important to us and ultimately which was the best fit for us.

In addition, Hank’s wealth of contacts in this area helped to ensure that we had a wide variety of agencies to hear proposals from.

I would enthusiastically recommend Hank for any company going through the ad agency process.”


– Drew Meng,  President – North America Spas at Jacuzzi Group Worldwide

“Over my career, Hank Blank stands out. He’s someone who continues to influence and excite me about creating meaningful and sustaining brands that speak to people. He just gets it. Forever young at heart, Hank’s passion for connecting people and paying it forward is interlaced with his savvy about the business of marketing people, products and services in a unique way. I have had the pleasure of hiring Hank to help in an agency search where he went above and beyond in helping me through the process. I would certainly hire him again and remain grateful for his help and guidance.”


Tricia Smets-Rodewald, VP Marketing at REGENESIS Remediation Solutions

“Hank’s collective experience as an agency executive and search consultant was instrumental in helping our team deliver a memorable final presentation in a recent pitch. Purdie Rogers was awarded the account. Thank you Hank, I recommend you without hesitation.”


– Andrew RogersPrincipal at Purdie Rogers

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