I have sat in many New Business pitches.

The clients sitting around the table.  Everyone making nice to create chemistry.  Jokes aplenty.  The best dressed day of the week for sure at the agency.

One of the highlights used to be the playing of the agency reel.  This could be a reel of the actual commercials the agency had created when clients made commercials.

If not that then a branding video that was a rip-o-matic of visuals and edits of commercials that most clients that entered the room probably couldn’t afford.  I have seen a variety of approaches because that what creative agencies produced.

With a catchy and up-tempo music track the reel could change the dynamics of the room and set up the presentation.

“That’s really cool.  That was great.”  And it was.  Certainly the energy went up in the room, the presenters’ confidence rose.  The agency’s creative credentials were established and the smiles were universal.

Today few agencies have agency reels and something is missing.

That is why many Ad Clubs have a challenge staging events these days and Addy events can seem a little dull.

The Gold for best Page Title or SEO optimization for a site goes to.  The best UX for a site this year goes to who cares.

There is no magic like a great TV spot, a strong radio spot that tells a story or the compelling visual of a print ad.

Today most agencies and certainly digital agencies have a hard time differentiating themselves.

The decks are largely the same.

The chart of successful campaigns with percentage increases can lack credibility.

Certainly many agencies have creative spaces that provides them with a unique environment.  When I have conducted agency reviews none of my clients has selected an agency based on office décor.

That’s why every digital agency need an agency reel.

What should be in your reel?

That should be really up to you to create because it is your shop.

Some thoughts.

Agency reels are a great way to convey results.  Nothing like a series of short testimonials from clients outlining how you are built their business.

What about some smart thoughts from key Executive Team members?

What’s a better way to show your experience?

The standard logo slides of all the large clients your agency doesn’t really have or a video montage.

You get the picture.  With a strong video partner the possibilities are indeed endless.

It is certainly more differentiating for your agency than a slide of your so called proprietary dashboard that the client will see down the road.

Nothing can capture the soul and culture and creativity of your shop as well as video.