I remember a TV show in the old normal called “Who Do You Trust?“, that you have probably never watched.

We all read the articles about young people bouncing from job to job and not being loyal.

I wonder why.

I got an email from a young person today.

In the first half she shared how she was going to be the future star of her agency according to the powers that be.

She was on the cusp of a promotion

She was to lead up their social media efforts.

Then Finance crunched some numbers and she was gone.  You see they found out they didn’t make that much money on social and she paid the price.

One week a Super Star and the next week out the door.

A regular story I hear about all the time.

Doesn’t make the news much anymore but I have a network that gives me the news.

In the past such news came from the seasoned but now is comes from every demographic

The hiring stats are better. I know because i don’t have a job.

I got an email from a Chief Technology Officer. That’s a tough position to fill.

We had coffee at an independent coffee shop next to a Starbucks drive thru. I wasn’t missing a lot.

He was basically a rocket scientist and shared his story. He worked at an agency and a sister agency came in to help out with a client project. Camaraderie and chuckles at the start.

Then his sister agency brought in a person that did what he did and he was gone.

In today’s advertising business they eat their young.

His face over coffee had no burdens.

He knew his skills and that he would land.

But he wouldn’t be loyal.

You see Loyalty is based on reciprocity and not looking at the hiring world with only one lens.

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