I read the news today.

The unemployment rate in the U.S. is 4.7%.

I have read worst news often in the Great Recession so I felt happy about that.

The Federal Reserve considers a base unemployment rate of 5% to 5.2% full employment.

I wondered if that included the 1%. There is a 2006 documentary about that.

News outlets because of reduced resources which is another way of saying a lot of their reporters have been fired often site companies like ADP’s reports about hiring.  Probably came from a press release and I have written plenty of them.

When ADP says that people are moving to the sidelines because hiring opportunities aren’t there in the job market I wonder if ADP maybe has lost customers that moved to Paychex.

I get the real news about the job market on a regular basis.

I got an email from a talented person the other day who used to work for a Global technology company based in Orange County, CA where I live.

She said that her current company let 507 people go during their last integration with two companies that were acquired and she was one of them.

She called it a RIF. I’ve never heard that term before. I’ve heard about a company reorganization and I know what that means. It’s code for putting people on the street.

I also know what trickle-down economics is. Most of the trickle-down economics I have seen is often the trickle down of tears on people’s cheeks when people lose their jobs.

A couple of days later I got another email from a new friend. He had just watched a video I have called I love my job I just want to keep it. He shared that he had lost his job twice in 3 years. He was proud to say that he had gone entirely on his own. His company’s reputation was his reputation. He also shared that he was much happier and more successful.

A good place to be.

Later in the week I got another email from a CMO of a company. He had just watched my video on helping people in transition. Some people do. Some people pass people along to people that help people and feel good about passing a baton they have dropped in life.

He had just suddenly became unemployed. The dreadful word but the real world when you go home to announce the news to your significant other and potentially your kids who will turn their eyes of being happy to have you home to confusion.

Will we still be going to Disneyland Daddy?

He quoted some things that I have mentioned in my video. “Mortgage payments and bills don’t have much patience.”

He was a CMO but was completely comfortable with a lesser spot rolling up his sleeves and doing things.

All the people that I have met in transition always say that after landing in the New Normal.

There is the news and then there is news from people’s lives. You just need to listen.

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