I remember what a new boss meant in the Old Normal.  The talk was often boy they are really smart and I am looking forward to learning from them.

Today not so much.

I have written in the past that an agency client relationship can be most perilous when the company hires a new marketing lead.


The same applies to your career.  When I talk to agencies who have lost an account because of a new Marketing boss the conversation begins with they came in and cleared house and they brought in new people.  Not so good for the agency and not so good for you.

I got an e mail from a smart person the other day.  She reached out because her company had hired a new CMO.  She wrote that they seemed nice enough but will see.  I am still on the lookout for a new job.  Smart move to keep looking.

Has your company hired a new leader for the division you are in?  This is not the time to see what will happen.  This is the time to make it happen.  Get those personal business cards printed, update that LinkedIn profile daily, update that resume and start networking aggressively or you may be sending e mails that you don’t want to have to send.

Today you have to be ready to be fired.


My recent position as Director of Marketing was recently eliminated due to an upcoming acquisition.

I get e mails like this on a regular basis.  You might too.

In the Old Normal acquisitions were viewed through the eyes of opportunity.  In the New Normal Acquisitions are generally bad news all around except for the money and investor folks.

Company press releases that say this will enable us to tap new markets and improve operating efficiencies are generally false news.  Not always but mostly.

Improving operating efficiencies is code for firing people.

If your employer is going to be acquired go immediately to networking.  Do not drink the corporate Kool aid and focus on the most important thing.  Yourself.