I am a networker.  There is no doubt of that.  No false fact.

I have many networking blogs, videos, press releases and have spoken on the topic of networking across the country.

I have skin in the networking game.

I live in Orange County CA where there is statue of John Wayne at the Airport.  Famous for that.  If you ever take the escalator to the Departure floor from Arrivals there are pictures of the Orange County Supervisors.   Vietnamese, Chinese, Hispanic, and local born.  The photos change with the election years.

I have had a Polish cashier at my Vons bake me a cake for Christmas because I heard her accent and engaged. My grocery store has had four different names in the 25 years I have lived across the street.  They have my data but not my bond to the people who work there.  I often shop at the stores where they went to after they lost their jobs.

I have been part of the creation of two groups in OC called Canadians in OC and Maple a Canadian American group to foster community and economic opportunity. Most folks don’t know that 13% of California’s trade is with Canada.

I have met Canadian Muslims at Starbucks at Oso the 5 next door to the Irish folks where I buy my wine.

I have met Catholics who were born in South Africa and have MBA degrees from Notre Dame who hired me to do an Agency review.

I know Lithuanians and a Jew born in Toronto who worked in Orange County promoting Hispanic Media outlets. Fancy that.

My videos are shot by a Japanese person whose parents were from Latvia and Japan.

I know people from Argentina, Chile, Equator, Armenia, Columbia and Mexico.  Some of them are my neighbors, some of them are doctors that write my scripts and some cut my grass.

I know people at my CVS pharmacy who are from Beirut, India, China and Syria.  I don’t have to wait too long to get what I need with a dose of community.

I buy Sangat at Persian markets sometimes baked by Hispanics.

I know Collin the mechanic at the Mobil station. He drives a black Toyota and has a daughter who plays soccer.  I have connected him with another Collin.

I know the new Scottish Immigrant at Starbucks nearby.

I know the Greeks a couple of blocks over where I have lunch.

I got a free ride to this place. As you can see my bio my brother was born in Poland, my sister in Beirut and myself in Canada. I had an unfair advantage.

My mother spoke 7 languages some of which get people thrown off planes today.

Having a networking mosaic of people has enriched my life, paid my bills, and made me laugh.

Only networking in your own homogenous world leads to a dull life and a lack of economic opportunity.