When is the last time you went to a networking event?

When is the last time I went to a networking event?

And I speak on networking.

When is the last time you had your business cards in your wallet, purse, or pocket?

How will I be able to follow up and connect with you when I meet you?

A memory?

I am waiting for that augmented reality feature.

We meet with people in business all the time but we don’t look at those meetings as networking opportunities that can move your business forward.

I have been in many New Business presentations when everyone was being introduced.

Jennifer, Jamey (two X Chromosomes) and Justine and Bobby and Robbie.

I think you get what I mean.

I don’t think most people can remember the names of all the people you are introduced to in a meeting if there are no cards exchanged.

I saw a Hampton Court commercial recently that outlined the name remembering pain.

In pitches A few agency folks may have their cards.

A few clients may have their cards.

No business cards doesn’t have the foundation of connection.

No opportunity for follow up invites on LinkedIn.

You don’t follow up on LinkedIn?

What a shame.  A lost opportunity.

I think that if you don’t have business cards you lose a certain important formality that is important in business.

If you get too casual with prospects you can just appear as a vendor.

Just another transaction.

I met them but they don’t really know me.

Just another person in the room.

If there are three client prospects in the room and you have two agency colleagues with you that gives you nine touch points of connections.

As your peel more layers of the onion you will have more opportunities to connect.

Today everyone thinks they are networking when they are on LinkedIn.

E mails lack the emotion of the person touch that takes more commitment but provides a memory that can last.

But the job market is much better today so people fall into a lull.

Most people aren’t ready to get fired.

But the seasons of the economy will come around again as they always do.

Everybody will network again but it may to harder to make connections.

Because there will be fewer people you know when it will be more important to know people.