I know many companies that want to create the impression they are a great place to work.

Every city has its local awards.

The best companies to work for in your (city).

Where I live in Orange County it comes from the Orange County Register.

Companies that would never run a newspaper ad are glad to submit their profiles for few to see except on the salutations of their employees or on their website saying we are one of the best places to work in (name your city.)

Companies also submit to local business magazines that have nominations for the best companies to work for.

Where I live it is the OCBJ.

Then there are the Inc Awards about being the fastest growth companies.  Figures don’t lie but liars figure I have learned.  We all know it is mostly hype when it comes from a company with 20 employees.

All made to impress.

But there is one thing that is not hype.

Today more and more your company’s reputation is created by your hiring practices.

This is the true measure of if you are a best company to work for.

It starts with communication.  Most people that apply on your company website never hear from you.  A 1 to 2% response is normal.  Apply on company’s website is one of the biggest lies in business.

These people talk to me.

They say things like I applied online and never heard a thing.

I talked to the HR person and she said she was interested and then never got back to me.

I had an interview and nobody got back to me after.

Your silence gest translated into opinions of your company and the world of mouth that spreads your reputation.  These people also buy your company’s products.

If your company’s culture is truly one of being a great place to work that should be extended to being a great company to apply for.

That’s how you will find the great talent that will make your company truly a great place to work.

There are other disconnects.  Many HR people think there are many people on the sidelines waiting for talent.  Although people get fired every day there are not the same millions of people a year being launched into the world of transition.  Finding people today is challenging.

The amount of networking events is diminishing because many people don’t go out anymore.

The other disconnect is salary levels.  I often see that salary levels are the same as ten years ago or longer.  Where I live in Orange County CA a two bedroom apartment is $2000 a month.

Your company’s hiring practices should say that you are responsive and competitive.  That’s what attracts great talent and builds positive corporate opinion.