I got an email today that was unique.

I’m sure that we all get too many emails but I got one back today that brightened my day.

I had sent an email to somebody that I didn’t know at a company that was looking for some talent.

I asked them if they needed any recruiting help.

Instead of the silence of no reply we are all used to I did get a response. This person appreciated the fact that I reached out to him.

Imagine that.

On the rare occasion when I receive a response from companies that I contact I thank them for the courtesy of their response.

It is just a brief acknowledgement of the human connection.

We read all the time that the world is more connected than ever before.

But are we?

In many ways no. Sure lots of chatter and noise but no touch and no contact.

I have posted before that Applying On A Company Websites is one of the biggest lies in the world.

Every time I meet folks who have been thrust into the New Normal that are dismayed that they never hear back from hiring managers.

When you have lost your job you don’t want the rules of decorum to crumble but they are rubble today.

We all receive spam which generally goes into our spam folder.

I get a fax each day saying how I can go to Hawaii for $99 for a week with flight and hotel.

I am not talking about that.

What is your response responsibility if a real person reaches out to you?

I remember taking a trip to El Calafate which is in the Patagonia region of Argentina.

Not too many strip malls or cell phone towers down there.

We stopped in a random place with no other cars. There was a pole outside and various signs with the distances from cities around the world. They were all many many kilometers away.

The person in the store looked familiar.

I was with an Argentine friend who spoke to him in Spanish to tell him I recognized him in some blurred way.

He responded that he also recognized me and that we were on the same flight from Buenos Aires and I was in seat 6B.

This was in the middle of nowhere and he knew who I was.

So are you connected or disconnected?

Two different choices on how to live your life.

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